CLAS Pages Overview

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Now that Exchange Online, CLAS Connections and Thinking Matters have been in use for awhile, we’ve created screencast introduction to CLAS Pages in general.

Thinking Matters

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We’ve launched the Thinking Matters faculty blog aggregator site.

Course Hub Overview

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The Course Hub was the principal recommendation for how best to Segue from Segue made by the Curricular Technology team in the fall of 2010.  The Course Hub has been in use at Middlebury for nearly a semester now, having been launched by the LIS Web Application Development group in September 2011.


Teaching with Social Media

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This is the second screencast published on this site that is based on an interview I did with Prof. Louisa Stein from the Film and Media Culture department.  In this screencast Prof. Stein discusses her course on Millennial Media.  In this course, students were required to create their own blogs and to post to Twitter.